How to successfully sprout vegetable seeds the natural way

Discard the floating seeds

There are many ways to sprout seeds. My favorite way is to mimic nature’s process. That is by replicating birds, reptiles and mammals eating the fruit and excreting the seeds. However, certain plants have their own unique way of procreation like black pepper. Black pepper is usually planted using cuttings and not by seed. In the wild, pepper vine will spread its new tentacle to an adjunct tree and start…


How to make Perfect Curd the Traditional Way

Previous day curd spread inside the vessel

I have found that most women in Kerala are clueless about the correct method. They add 30 to 60 ml of curd or more to the milk with the assumption that this will speed up the process. It only leads to spoiling the taste of curd. Always remember less than one table spoon of previous days’ curd or butter milk is all that is needed to curdle milk. Process Guarantees…


What went wrong with Cattle Breeding in Kerala?

Kasaragod bull resting

What has Kerala achieved after 50 plus years of cross breeding and after completely eliminating the local breeds. Hmm, let’s see… Sick and unhealthy cows with an average milk production of 9 liters (8.9 to be precise). Milk looks like water for which dairy farmers are regularly checked with a lacto meter and punished. Milk dependency on other states. More than 95 per cent of the cattle found in Kerala…


Did you know Medicinal ash gourd (Vaidya Kumbalanga) can be stored for 3 years

Nei kumbalam with small banana

Kumbalanga is a general term used for pumpkin and ash gourd in Kerala. However, pumpkin is referred to as Mathan kumbalam and ash gourd as Ilavan Kumbalam. Ilavan (ash gourd) was once an integral part of most Malayalees’ diet. Even today, many vegetable farmers and cultivators maintain this creeper. Off late, lot of hybrid variety is being pumped into the market. Medicinal Ash Gourd – Vaidya Kumbalanga and Nei Kumbalam…