Wet Milled Virgin Coconut Oil – Venda Velichenna | Uruku velichenna

Make sure flame is low

There are many wet milled virgin coconut oil floating in the market stating superiority of their products and the ways they make it; especially non-heated ones. Traditionally ayurvedic medicine was only prepared with Venda Velichenna (Uruku velichenna) which means coconut oil that is boiled. Let’s see why they preferred this method. It all begins with extracting milk from coconuts. Today’s factory made virgin oil uses centrifuge, refrigeration, fermentation or organic solvents…


How to make pure coconut oil from copra at Home

Clean coconut oil after natural filtering

Coconut (Copra) cold press oil at home and Small mill. Regulation and licensing doesn’t ensure purity. Even, and especially, for cooking oil. Big industries and lobbyists draft these regulations. Just like pesticides and insecticides; these things can kill humans and any other living organisms. So ideally they should be called biocides. Still it’s the other way. Large oil manufacturers use solvent extraction and other cost-effective methods to sell in bulk….


Health Myths of Coconut oil and Common Adulterants

Unnatural lumps in packed coconut oil

Having few years of experience in dealing with coconut oil millers and merchants. Adulteration of coconut oil is widespread. Some of the common forms of adulteration in Coconut oil. Palm Kernel, Argemone Oil and Paraffin Adulterants in Coconut Oil Palm Kernel oil: It is very difficult to distinguish between coconut oil and palm kernel oil as they have some similar texture. Palm oil and palm kernel oil is not good…


Toddy Kerala’s Backyard Beverage

fresh toddy served from mud vessel

Toddy – Kerala’s Backyard Beverage Kallu (Toddy) as we call it in South India “Mula pal kainechto kola pal”. This line means after mother’s milk its coconut flower milk. Once upon a time in Kerala kids were given fresh toddy or un-fermented toddy, when they are ready for external feeding after breast feeding. It is one of the super food. Kerala governments law for extracting kallu and selling was restricted in…