Health Myths of Coconut oil and Common Adulterants

Unnatural lumps in packed coconut oil

Having few years of experience in dealing with coconut oil millers and merchants. Adulteration of coconut oil is widespread. Some of the common forms of adulteration in Coconut oil. Palm Kernel, Argemone Oil and Paraffin Adulterants in Coconut Oil Palm Kernel oil: It is very difficult to distinguish between coconut oil and palm kernel oil as they have some similar texture. Palm oil and palm kernel oil is not good…


Milma (milk cooperative) is planning to bring Organic milk to Kerala

Both glasses are Organic Milk

As per a recent national level survey approx 70% of milk in India is adulterated. Let’s speak of Milma, one of the most prominent milk cooperatives in Kerala. Over the years its image has been tarnished due to some malpractices and they are trying to improve it by stepping into organic milk; by showing that they are doing well to the society and ethically treating cows. Here is a quote…


Making a Perfect Bamboo Harvester

Straighten Bamboo poles with just few heavy stones

Bamboo plays a crucial role in any farm. They have countless uses and benefits. Let’s look at how to choose a good bamboo pole harvester for picking fruits. The goal is to make it strong and light once dried. All the bamboo varieties are generally very strong. Most of the times fresh bamboo will already have an arch because of leaves at the top. Once you cut the bamboo there…


Mystery of the disappearing fish?

Dried bed because of "Basalt rock retaining wall"

Once upon a time Kerala was blessed with lots of fresh water fishes. I mean just 20 years back there were numerous fishes in Ponds, Lakes, Canals and rivers. I have witnessed Almost all the species have gone missing or are on the verge of extinction. There were some migratory fishes too that are also very rarely seen nowadays. Freshwater Fishes and Aquatic life Disappearing Let’s check some of the…


How to extract Small(Dammer) Bee Honey and its Wax

Closeup view of eggs, larvae and couple of bees.

Traditional Honey Harvest and Extraction Process Traditionally honey was extracted in the month of Jan. Look around you all the native flower plant and herbs bloom by end of aug till Jan. So the honey contains nectar and pollen of these wild herbs. Introduction of cash crops like cashew, rubber etc spoiled the essence of honey. Even wild mango trees bloom between mid of November till December. However hybrid mango…


How to successfully sprout vegetable seeds the natural way

Discard the floating seeds

There are many ways to sprout seeds. My favorite way is to mimic nature’s process. That is by replicating birds, reptiles and mammals eating the fruit and excreting the seeds. However, certain plants have their own unique way of procreation like black pepper. Black pepper is usually planted using cuttings and not by seed. In the wild, pepper vine will spread its new tentacle to an adjunct tree and start…