How to successfully sprout vegetable seeds the natural way

Discard the floating seeds

There are many ways to sprout seeds. My favorite way is to mimic nature’s process. That is by replicating birds, reptiles and mammals eating the fruit and excreting the seeds. However, certain plants have their own unique way of procreation like black pepper. Black pepper is usually planted using cuttings and not by seed. In the wild, pepper vine will spread its new tentacle to an adjunct tree and start…


Did you know Medicinal ash gourd (Vaidya Kumbalanga) can be stored for 3 years

Nei kumbalam with small banana

Kumbalanga is a general term used for pumpkin and ash gourd in Kerala. However, pumpkin is referred to as Mathan kumbalam and ash gourd as Ilavan Kumbalam. Ilavan (ash gourd) was once an integral part of most Malayalees’ diet. Even today, many vegetable farmers and cultivators maintain this creeper. Off late, lot of hybrid variety is being pumped into the market. Medicinal Ash Gourd – Vaidya Kumbalanga and Nei Kumbalam…


Are you consuming pure turmeric powder or Lead Chromate & methyl yellow

Turmeric on raised bed with mulch

Turmeric plant (curcuma longa) has been cultivated in most part of India and other continents since time immoral. Cooking with turmeric powder is just a new phenomenon; almost 20 years back in Kerala people would crush it with a heavy duty mortar and pestle, which would be grinded with curry paste whenever required (You can soak them in water overnight and use next day). Industrialization gives us the modern day…


Pongal or Makar Sankranthi


Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. In fact it is celebrated all over India by different names. Since centuries people have been gathering and harvesting food, So pongal or Makar Sankranti is a way to thank nature. Pongal is important part of a Thamizhan because most people rely on agrarian activities to generate income. Pongal festival is basically cooking the Pongal dish. There are two version of pongal,…