Wet Milled Virgin Coconut Oil – Venda Velichenna | Uruku velichenna

Make sure flame is low

There are many wet milled virgin coconut oil floating in the market stating superiority of their products and the ways they make it; especially non-heated ones. Traditionally ayurvedic medicine was only prepared with Venda Velichenna (Uruku velichenna) which means coconut oil that is boiled. Let’s see why they preferred this method. It all begins with extracting milk from coconuts. Today’s factory made virgin oil uses centrifuge, refrigeration, fermentation or organic solvents…


Health Myths of Coconut oil and Common Adulterants

Unnatural lumps in packed coconut oil

Having few years of experience in dealing with coconut oil millers and merchants. Adulteration of coconut oil is widespread. Some of the common forms of adulteration in Coconut oil. Palm Kernel, Argemone Oil and Paraffin Adulterants in Coconut Oil Palm Kernel oil: It is very difficult to distinguish between coconut oil and palm kernel oil as they have some similar texture. Palm oil and palm kernel oil is not good…


Milma (milk cooperative) is planning to bring Organic milk to Kerala

Both glasses are Organic Milk

As per a recent national level survey approx 70% of milk in India is adulterated. Let’s speak of Milma, one of the most prominent milk cooperatives in Kerala. Over the years its image has been tarnished due to some malpractices and they are trying to improve it by stepping into organic milk; by showing that they are doing well to the society and ethically treating cows. Here is a quote…


How to make Perfect Curd the Traditional Way

Previous day curd spread inside the vessel

I have found that most women in Kerala are clueless about the correct method. They add 30 to 60 ml of curd or more to the milk with the assumption that this will speed up the process. It only leads to spoiling the taste of curd. Always remember less than one table spoon of previous days’ curd or butter milk is all that is needed to curdle milk. Process Guarantees…