Effective Natural ways to Control and use weed

Cows enjoying weeds after heavy rains

Seeds are sown by humans; weeds by God. As this saying shows, it really is difficult to compete with weeds while farming. De-weeding becomes a back breaking process without smart planning. Weeds will suck up most of the nutrients from the soil in any available form and some weeds will make their own by using soil, air microbes, sunlight and water as solvent. Weeds can also be beneficial for other…


Successful Paddy Harvest for Actor Sreenivasan with Zero Budget Farming

Different varieties of grass with paddy (Paddy needs to be planted in line)

Sreenivasan is a Malayalam cinema actor, director and screenwriter. His most movies illustrate problems in the society which are portrayed satirically or through comedy. He has taken up the declining paddy cultivation of Kerala in real life. Wish he succeeds. His grand parents were famous farmers, Karoothoty gurikal was among them based in P.K House, Vayanthode, Mattanur, Kannur. No wonder he has nostalgia of  growing produce. Zero Budget Organic Rice cultivation by…