wild pure forest honey

100% Pure Natural Honey from Kerala


This honey is 100% pure and Un-adulterated Honey

Average Indian labs are still not equipped to identify adulterants in honey. According to my experience, & the knowledge I gained over the years, once you take a spoon of honey, it should melt like butter in your mouth.
This honey will have less pollen and other micro-organisms as compared to the wild honey.
This honey is filtered with muslin cloth to remove debris and dead parts of bee and bee wax. This filtration is essential and all the pollen remains intact in the honey.

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Product Description

This honey is from the wooden bee hives, which is not altered, mixed with other impurities or any cheap adulterants.

This honey is sourced from wide variety of crops like coconuts, rubber, areca nut, cocoa, coffee, garcinia cambogia and few other wild trees.

Honey has countless health benefits. Ayurvedic medicines are administrated with honey, since its a complete food loaded with all the energy, minerals and nutrients. Honey and ghee are the only two things that can reach into each cell and also make bioavailability of the original drug also known as “yogavahi”
This honey is sourced from Madhusree Honey from Alakode. The fields are very close to Coorg and Kerala forest range. P. T. Thambi and his Son Binu have been rearing larger and small honey bees since the last 35+ years.
This honey is included in the list of products. Wild honey is out of stock, and it will only be available by February.

Transfer the honey to a glass jar once you receive it. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Price: 430 rupees for 1 kilo gram inclusive of shipping and handling.
Material is dispatched on every Tuesday and tracking details will be provided after dispatch.


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